Expo 2017 - Exhibition

SemIsrael Expo 2017 includes a 50-booths expo area, where IP, tools, and services will be introduced.
Make sure to visit, network, and learn about all the news in the WW semiconductor community


Meet Our Participating Providers (Alphabetical):

AMIQ EDA provides software tools that enable design and verification engineers increase the speed and quality of new code development, simplify legacy code maintenance, accelerate language and methodology learning, and improve source code reliability:
 - DVT Eclipse IDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the e language, SystemVerilog, Verilog, Verilog-AMS and VHDL. It is similar to well-known programming tools like Visual Studio®, NetBeans®, and IntelliJ®.
 - Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter is a coding guideline and verification methodology compliance checker that enables engineers to perform a thorough audit of their testbenches.
 - Specador is a tool that automatically generates accurate documentation from the source code.


AMIQ EDA was founded in 2008 and it has a team of ~15 RnD engineers. Our solutions have been adopted worldwide by 100+ companies in 30+ countries. 9 of Top 10 Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Leaders in Q1 2017 use our software to improve productivity and reduce time to market.

booth #2

Amkor Technology is one of the world's largest and most accomplished providers of state-of-the-art packaging design, assembly and test services. Founded in 1968, Amkor is now a strategic partner to leading semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs. Our operational base encompasses over 5.8M ft2 of volume production, development, sales and support services in Asia, Europe and the United States. Our solutions enable our customers to focus on semiconductor design and wafer fabrication while utilizing Amkor as their turnkey provider and, where required, their packaging technology innovator.

hosted in Micon Global booth (#16-17)

The company covers the whole lively Israeli Silicon community and provides representation services to selected IP vendors from all around the world.

booth #28+#29

Andes Technology Corporation is located at SiSoft Research Center in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. We devote ourselves in developing high-performance/low-power 32-bit processors and its associated SoC platforms to serve the rapidly growing embedded system applications worldwide.

booth #36

ANSYS provides innovative power analysis and optimization solutions that enable engineers to design and deliver products meeting stringent power specification limits, while still reliably and consistently delivering power to the entire system and mitigating failures or performance degradation caused by power-induced noise. ANSYS’s comprehensive suite of integrated software and methodologies spans a full spectrum of power, noise and reliability solutions, including power reduction, power and signal integrity, thermal management, and EM, ESD and EMI verification, from early in the design phase through final system sign-off.

RedHawk-SC is the next-generation SoC power noise signoff platform to enable sub-16nm design success. RedHawk-SC is built on ANSYS SeaScape, the world's first custom-designed, big data architecture for electronic system design and simulation. SeaScape provides per-core scalability, flexible design data access, instantaneous design bring-up, MapReduce-enabled analytics and many other revolutionary capabilities.

booth #1

Arteris provides Network-on-Chip (NoC) interconnect semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to System on Chip (SoC) makers so they can reduce cycle time, increase margins, and easily add functionality. Arteris invented the industry's first commercial network on chip (NoC) SoC interconnect IP solutions and is the industry leader. Unlike traditional solutions, Arteris interconnect plug-and-play technology is flexible and efficient, allowing designers to optimize for throughput, power, latency and floorplan.

booth #3

With a proven track record spanning over three decades, ASE, the OSAT market leader, continues its tradition of manufacturing expertise through well-orchestrated collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners, alike. Alongside a broad portfolio of established technologies, ASE is also delivering innovative advanced packaging, System-in-Package and MEMS solutions to meet growth momentum across end markets, such as automotive, IoT, mobility, and high performance computing.
For more about our advances in SiP, WLP, Fan Out, MEMS, Flip Chip, and, 2.5D, 3D & TSV technologies,  all ultimately geared towards applications to improve lifestyle and efficiency,
please visit : www.aseglobal.com

booth #6

AST is a leading provider of ASIC design and manufacturing services (40nm,28nm, 16nm), advance IPs for ASIC projects, design tools and design automation solution (EDA) for the electronics design industry, as well as Applications Specific Standard Product (ASSP) for development and mass market. AST's highly skilled Sales and Application Engineers combine over 200 years of experience; Turn-Key services as well as on site support and consulting are provided, in the areas of ASIC and FPGA Design, EDA IT, CAD and Design Management. AST is the exclusive representative and distributor for some of the world's leading manufacturers of ASIC, ASSP, EDA software and IP.

booth #5

ATS Engineering’s Test Solution Services, including Turn-Key solutions, meet end user requirements in multiple industrial sectors including: Aircraft, Defense, Medical, Semiconductor and other Advanced Industry.

ATS Engineering makes your testing easy, and overall, contribute to improved ramp up time, assured quality of new products, better production performance affecting total output and in the end - the bottom line. ATS produces a competitive advantage for our customers in optimizing end product performance and accelerating time to market.

ATS Engineering offers the following services:

  • Development - Test Program, Qualification Plan

  • Testing of Prototypes and Series – small and medium volume

  • Assembly services with several partners

  • Device Qualification

  • Reliability and Failure Analysis of PCBs

  • Industrialization

  • Production Sustaining Activities

  • Custom Hardware Development

  • RF Testing

booth #33

Founded in 2003, Avery Design Systems, Inc. enables system and SOC design teams to achieve dramatic functional verification productivity improvements through the use of:

  • Robust  Verification IP and compliance testsuites for many standard protocols including PCIe, SSD (NVMe, NVMeF, SD/SDIO)  USB, AMBA, Multimedia (HDMI, DP/eDP) , MIPI (CSI, DSI, C-PHY/D-PHY, Soundwire, I3C) , Memory/Storage( DDR/LPDDR, HBM, HMC, ONFI/Toggle, eMMC, NVDIMM, UFS, SD), and Automotive( CAN FD, LIN, Flexray)  serving over 80 companies worldwide

  • VIP Partner to many leading Design IP companies including Northwest Logic, PLDA, Mobiveil, L&T Technologies, Invecas,  Arasan CEVA, Corigine, Silvaco, Rambus, Xilinx and others

  • SimXACT – Tool to dynamically remove “false X’s” issues gate-level verification using formal under-the-hood.

Avery is headquartered in Tewksbury, Ma. Avery also operates an R&D center in Taipei, Taiwan. Avery’s products are directly marketed and distributed throughout the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Israel (Kal Silicon Technologies) . Avery is private, self funded, and profitable.”

booth #13

Avnet ASIC Israel (AAI) is an ASIC Design and Support Center, which provides complete ASIC and COT design services and turnkey manufacturing for fabless design houses and electronic system companies that develop advanced SoC devices. We partner with the world's leading foundries, IP vendors and assembly & test houses to provide our customers with a wide range of exceptional services. Our services have been successfully employed in various market sectors: communications, automotive, consumer, multimedia, military, and industrial.

booth #23

Beyond Electronics is a sales representative company serving the semiconductor market in Europe and Israel Our line card consists of a focused group of industry-leading suppliers supporting the semiconductor market. Offering one of the most attractive and complete portfolio our technical sales team are always welcome for early engagement with decision makers and designers when starting a new project. Founded in 2012 Beyond Electronics is rapidly expanding already recognized as a core partner by most of the OEM's, IDMs & Fabless firms in the region. Beyond have deployed a team of strong technical sales and application professionals who possess the requisite skills and background to forge long-term partnerships between our customers and principals.

booth #46

Since 2005, we are delivering Standard and Custom IPs, Turnkey IC Design and Professional Services to the Semiconductor Industry worldwide. 
Automotive Ethernet and PoE, USB and Power Delivery, Very High Speed and PowerLine communication are our special skills and capabilities.
We are an ISO 9001 Certified Company and we work closely with our customers to advance quality continuosly in order to reach the highest level of satisfaction.

booth #44

CEVA is the leading licensor of cellular, multimedia and connectivity technologies to semiconductor companies and OEMs serving the mobile, consumer, automotive and IoT markets. CEVA's IP portfolio includes comprehensive technologies for computer vision and computational photography, Deep learning, advanced audio and voice processing, wireless baseband (2G, 3G & 4G LTE/LTE-A), connectivity (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth).

CEVA’s state-of-the-art technology is primarily deployed in high volume markets including smartphones, mobile computing, the Internet of Things, the connected home, automotive, enterprise storage, infrastructure devices and industrial applications. To date, more than 7 billion CEVA-powered chips have been shipped worldwide.

booth #10

CNW - Courier NetWork understands semiconductor logistics, supply chain and machine down challenges and delivers the fastest, customized and most efficient NFO solution for time and mission critical shipping requirements. By working closely with customers, CNW offers tailored solutions for labs and fabs, working 24/7 to escort shipments through the pickup, shipping, customs and delivery process to offer the highest standards of reliability and speed in the industry.

· Mission Critical - Safest and fastest route available 
· NFO (Next Flight Out) - 24/7 pick up, handling and delivery, 365 days a year 
· NFO+ - Unique service for super mission critical shipments 
· Hand Carry - Door to door package delivery with an on-board courier 
· Same Day - Pick up to delivery within hours 
· Dangerous Goods - Special handling of hazardous goods 
· Temperature Control - Specialty temperature-controlled package delivery 
· Drop Shipments - Point to point shipments from anywhere to anywhere

booth #4

We provide visualization and debugging technology for electronic circuits and systems, including schematic generation for all major design levels. Our technology helps electronic design engineers to easily understand, debug, optimize and document electronic designs. Please check out our products for electronic design engineers and for EDA tool developers. Our software technology is used in many fields in the EDA market, including: RTL development, IP reuse, ASIC and SoC design, FPGA design, analog/mixed-signal design, logic synthesis, design verification, test automation, post-layout analysis, debugging and visualization on system-level, RTL and netlist-level.

booth #14

CREATIVE CHIPS located in Bingen at Rhine is a German mid-size semiconductor manufacturer of customer specific mixed-signal and digital integrated circuits for industrial, automotive, consumer and medical applications. In addition to providing chip design, serial production and automated testing of high performance ASICs, Creative Chips also offers application specific standard ICs (ASSPs). 

booth #14

FinFET-Class ASICs & IP:


eSilicon is an independent provider of complex FinFET-class ASIC design, custom IP and advanced 2.5D packaging solutions. Our ASIC+IP synergies include complete, silicon-proven 2.5D/HBM2 and TCAM platforms for FinFET technology at 14/16nm. Supported by patented knowledge base and optimization technology, eSilicon delivers a transparent, collaborative, flexible customer experience to serve the high-bandwidth networking, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G infrastructure markets.

booth #25

Exatron, Inc. will be partnering with Semi Israel for the 3rd time.
We will demo our engineering Pick and Place Handlers at the booth.
Come see us for systems demonstration and discussion of your pick and place needs.

hosted in PrimeTech booth (#45, 47)

Flex Logix is a supplier of embedded FPGA IP and software to enable SoC and MCU designers to implement blocks of reconfigurable RTL which can be reprogrammed at any time, including while in-system.  Flex Logix is venture backed, headquartered in Silicon Valley and managed by experienced executives in Semiconductor IP.   We are a TSMC IP Alliance Member and were awarded TSMC’s Partner of the Year Award for 2017 for New IP.  Our IP is silicon proven in TSMC 40ULP/LP, 28HPC/HPC+ and 16FF+/FFC/12FFC.  Validation silicon reports are available under NDA. Our eFPGA is super scalable: we can provide arrays from 100 to 200K LUTs with ~75 sizes, plus we have options for DSP and RAM.  We can deliver a GDS/LIB/LEF/all design files for our proven nodes in days on demand.  We have numerous app notes: I/O Mux, Networking, programmable serial I/O, reconfigurable accelerators, flexible micro controller and more.  We even have applications/architecture support in Hebrew from an engineer who has worked in multiple networking companies in Israel + USA.

booth #28

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global footprint. Launched in March 2009, the company has quickly achieved scale as one of the largest foundries in the world, providing a unique combination of advanced technology and manufacturing to more than 250 customers. With operations in Singapore, Germany and the United States, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the only foundry that offers the flexibility and security of manufacturing centers spanning three continents. The company’s 300mm fabs and 200mm fabs provide the full range of process technologies from mainstream to the leading edge. This global manufacturing footprint is supported by major facilities for research, development and design enablement located near hubs of semiconductor activity in the United States, Europe and Asia.

booth #46

Professional R&D ASIC Solutions Company, offering a wide range of Services designed to meet specific needs of customers who require maximum value in their design projects. Inomize is the largest Israeli ASIC design Solutions Company. Inomize is offering a unique business model to startup companies.

booth #41

Inside Secure is at the heart of security solutions for mobile and connected devices, providing software, silicon IP, tools and know-how needed to protect customers’ transactions, content, applications, and communications.
With its deep security expertise and experience, the company delivers products having advanced and differentiated technical capabilities that span the entire range of security requirement levels to serve the demanding markets of network security, IoT security, content & application protection, mobile payment & banking.
Inside Secure’s technologies protect solutions for a broad range of customers including service providers, content distributors, security system integrators, device vendors and semiconductor manufacturers.

hosted in IPro Group booth (#34-35)

IPro provides Sales Outsourcing Services in Israel. We bring forth a selected groupd of IP companies to serve the Israeli Chip Design community with best-in-class IP and first-class support to our partners, delivering key functionality for your design from leading IP vendors. 

booth #34 + #35

KAL is representing EDA, IP and design companies and providing the hi-tech market with VLSI services as well as consultancy.

booth #14

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a listed subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited focused on Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. We offer consultancy, design, development and testing services across the products designed for Telecom, Networking, Automotive and Industrial IOT segments.

Our customer base includes 52 Fortune 500 companies and 48 of the world’s top ER&D companies, across industrial products, medical devices, transportation, telecom & hi-tech, and the process industries. Headquartered in India, we have around 11,000 employees spread across 15 global delivery centers, 28 global sales offices and 38 innovation labs in India as of September 30, 2017. Our engineering teams have developed over 254 patents for businesses across the globe.

The L&TTS Israel launched several months ago specializing in end to end ASIC design/development/testing/ with deep expertise in security domain.

For additional information contact Michael Rubinov :
+972-544-742750, michael.rubinov@lnttechservices.com

booth #19

Liberty Test laboratory provides superior ESD and Latch-Up (EOS) engineering services for the semiconductor industry. With over 22 years of experience in Engineering Evaluations and Production Qualifications, we take on the complex debugging and find solutions quickly that result in faster “to market” qualifications.

Our lab is equipped with latest, fully upgraded ESD/LU test systems that have exceptional high speed performance and are the ideal solution for providing outstanding test services for product and R&D engineering, IC structure designing and QA programs. We have a large in-house library of universal and customized load boards that are sure to accommodate most packages. Among independent laboratories, we have one of the largest arsenals of ESD/LU testers in one location. With capacity not being an issue, we are focused on customer driven goals and deadlines. We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations through outstanding services.


Liberty Test is an ‘Accredited Laboratory’ in accordance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005, awarded certification by A2LA (American Association of Laboratory Accreditation). All testing performed in compliance with JEDEC, ESDA and AEC (automotive) industry specifications.

booth #20

Mentor, a Siemens Business, is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor and systems companies. We enable companies to develop better electronic products faster and more cost-effectively.  Our innovative products help conquer complex design challenges. Mentor is technology leader in full chip emulation, Design-for-Test and physical verification with its Veloce®, Tessent® and Calibre® platforms. Visit www.mentor.com

booth #37

Micon, established in 2001, provides leading international semiconductors companies the advantages of reaching the innovative Israeli semiconductors industry. We shorten the distance between tier-one global suppliers & service providers and local Israeli semiconductors companies. Leverage our expertise to integrate your company with the Israeli advanced technology sector.
Micon's proven track record of facilitating successful international partnerships was forged thanks to our commitment to provide ongoing support and immediate response to clients’ needs. That accessibility and responsiveness has earned Micon long-term client loyalty and trust. Our network includes Israel's largest semiconductors companies, as well as technology start-ups and early-stage ventures. With our multidisciplinary and experienced team, Micon can answer the needs of any size client.  

booth #16 + #17

Mobile Semiconductor is a privately held company founded in 2006 with offices located in Seattle, Washington and Williston, Vermont. The company develops SRAM, ROM and Register File compilers optimized for applications requiring ultra-low power, low leakage or ultra-high performance.

Mobile Semiconductor’s Low-voltage SRAMs can operate at minimum voltages and power and have ultra-low power standby capabilities to extend useful battery life of end products with applications in low power digital signal processing (DSP), in the Internet of Things (IoT) and in low power networking applications using standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Mobile Semiconductor offers foundry sponsored compilers for GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

booth #11

Moortec provides compelling embedded subsystem IP solutions for Process, Voltage & Temperature (PVT) monitoring, targeting advanced node CMOS technologies from 40nm down to 7nm. Moortec’s in-chip sensing solutions support the semiconductor design community’s demands for increased device reliability and enhanced performance optimization, enabling schemes such as DVFS, AVS and power management control systems. Moortec provides excellent support for IP application, integration and device test during production. 

Our high-performance analog and mixed-signal IP designs are delivered to ASIC and System on Chip (SoC) technologies within the consumer, mobile, automotive, high performance computing and telecommunications sectors. By gaining trust and nurturing long-term customer relationships, Moortec provide low risk, high value solutions to customers across many technology sectors.

booth #29

Nangate develops and markets Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software and physical library IP.

We focused on providing integrated solutions to address the increasingly demanding design and market challenges. Using Nangate’s suite of physical intellectual property, revolutionary EDA tools and design optimization services enables both designer productivity and superior IC designs. Nangate solutions, as a complement to existing design flows, deliver results that previously have only been achieved with resource intensive custom design techniques.

The NanGate solution includes a complete standard cell development and validation platform, off the shelf enhanced cell library IP, a range of design optimization tools, and a variety of services for design and library optimization. Application-specific Nangate cell libraries combined with Library and Design Optimization service, can be used to augment existing design methodology to efficiently optimize power consumption and maximize performance while minimizing chip area, all without disrupting existing design flows.

Nangate offer Standard Cell library IP in technology nodes from 350nm down to 14nm in nearly all foundries.

booth #38

NetSpeed Systems provides scalable, coherent, on-chip network IPs to SoC designers for a wide range of markets from mobile to high-performance computing and networking. NetSpeed's on-chip network platform delivers significant time-to-market advantages through a system-level approach, a high level of user-driven automation and state-of-the art algorithms.

hosted in IPro Group booth (#34-35)

N.R.G Technologies represents leading semiconductor IP vendors from the US, Europe and Asia. We offer customized semiconductor IP and design services and have completed many successful engagements since 2010.

The company is led by EDA and semiconductor veterans and is committed to making each engagement a success.

booth #43

NTLab is a private fabless microelectronic company. We provide full range of chip design and production services - from specification development to mass lot delivery. Our experience and skills are proven by a large number of successfully finished projects of various types – from hard and soft IP blocks to complete ASIC chip designs to ready-to-use end-products, such as electronic devices and systems based on our own ICs. Our distinctive feature is ability to design as digital as analog, mixed-signal and RF microelectronic circuits. This allows us to work in most science-consuming and innovative areas of radioelectronics: GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou satellite navigation, digital TV, NFC/RFID systems and other advanced applications. All types of designed products are supported with development tools, reference software and demonstration kits.

booth #18

OneSpin Solutions has established itself as a leader in formal verification through our range of advanced electronic design automation (EDA) solutions for digital integrated circuits. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, we are passionate about enabling our users to address design challenges in areas where reliability really counts: safety-critical verification, SystemC/C++ high-level synthesis (HLS) code analysis, and FPGA equivalence checking. Our advanced formal verification platform and dedication to getting it right the first time have fueled dramatic growth over the past four years as we forge partnerships with leading electronics companies to pursue design perfection. OneSpin: Making Electronics Reliable

booth #30

Phoenix Technologies Ltd


One stop professional source for ASIC, IP’s, Electronic Components, Modules and Tools.

Phoenix Technologies is participating in the SemIsrael Expo 2017.

We will host our major Mixed Signal ASIC vendor: MegaChips.

For more info about MegaChips and our IPs solutions pls refer to these links:


Click here for our ASIC services

Click here for our IPs solutions

booth #21

PrimeTech LTD, is a manufacturer´s representative organization providing solutions and technical service support to our many customers throughout Israel. 

We work with companies within the semiconductor, electronics, aerospace and optical industries. Our solutions are suitable for both industrial manufacturing, research centers and for fabless companies.
PrimeTech staff includes dedicated sales engineers with strong customer orientation; we listen to our customers and help them get the best solutions at best prices. Our Service Group of high skilled technicians and engineers provide service support to the products the company sells allowing our customers to use specialized products coming from all over the world with the benefit of local technical support people. 
We are proud to be a distributor and representative for some of the world´s leading suppliers of semiconductor equipment and consumables. Please review our product offerings and see if we can provide a solution for you

booth #45 + #47

PTSL is a world leader in delivering advanced ATE test hardware solutions to our blue chip customers globally. We are a technically driven company with a proven track record of pioneering engineering solutions to the most challenging test floors in the world. The PTSL workforce prides itself on working closely with our customers and are fully committed to developing long-term partnerships which offers success to our clients, keeping our company values at the forefront of everything we do.

booth #42

Rachip LTD - is the local answer to the growing demand for highly-experienced, cost effective professionals for the semiconductor industry. Rachip specializes in ASIC/FPGA design and verification services, backend services and software services for the semi-conductor industry. Using advanced methodologies, a variety of development languages, and in- depth knowledge in common standard protocols, Rachip maintains the highest level and quality of products and services.The Rachip team is involved in the industry’s most advanced projects, ensuring they are continually updated on the latest technologies,methods and tools available.

booth #9

Real Intent is the leading provider of EDA software to accelerate Early Functional Verification and Advanced Sign-off of digital designs. It provides comprehensive clock-domain crossing verification, advanced RTL analysis and sign-off solutions to eliminate complex failure modes of SoCs. The Meridian and Ascent product families lead the market in performance, capacity, accuracy and completeness.  

booth #39

S3 Semiconductors (S3semi) designs advanced mixed signal chips and manages every aspect of supplying production devices to its customers using some of the world’s most advanced semiconductor production facilities. With more than 20 years’ experience designing advanced analog and digital circuitry for hundreds of customers around the world, S3semi is a new breed of semiconductor supplier, capable of customizing and optimizing chip designs for each customer and delivering them in volume production for as long as they are needed. S3semi delivers exceptional TCO (total cost of ownership)savings for its customers at volumes not previously thought possible with custom chip design. S3 Semiconductors has its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with offices worldwide. More information is available at www.s3semi.com.

booth #40

Satris Group represents advanced technologies for the semiconductor and SW fields in Israel. It’s portfolio covers many domains including Arteris’ Network-On-a-Chip interconnect, Amiq’s Verification IDE tools, Kilopass’ Non-Volatile-Memories, Magillem’s Product Data Management and IP-Xact tools, Silexica’s SW  tools for multi cores , and more. The Satris management is well known for its deep technical understanding and for addressing customer's needs. Satris’ goal is to bring advanced technologies to the Israeli users, enabling them to keep their leading-edge in the markets. These technologies often require strong support and Satris is known for is uncompromising commitment to customer success. Satris functions as the catalyst and enabler of close and cooperative relationships between vendors and users, resulting in joint success for all parties.

booth #2 + #3

SEMIX specializes in representation and distribution of world leading manufacturers of Electronic Components, Modules and Integrated solutions in the arena of:


  • ASIC's (Mix-Signal & Digital)

  • RF & Wireless

  • Networking & Telecom

  • Fiber Optic & Opto Electronics Components.

  • Power management Components & Modules.

  • Video & Image processing

  • Memories & Storage Solutions

  • Sensors

  • Embedded computing

Since founded in 2003 Semix became one of the leading technical Stocking Representative companies in Israel.We develop long-term relationships with our customers and principles. We offer our customers best of its class service and support to comply with their challenging technical and commercial requirements. We offer our principles best of its class market knowledge, good and professional contacts with key customers and people and professional Products Management, with dedication and commitment to provide the best service to our customers and principles.

booth #44

Silicon And Beyond is the High Speed SerDes IP Company, headquartered in Bangalore, India. The Company designs and develops proprietary Physical Interfaces (Ser Des = Serialize -Deserialize), high speed Data Converters and other Mixed Signal IPs to meet global industry standards. Silicon And Beyond solutions and IP cores are used in a variety of electronic products and range of applications including Mobile Phones, higher resolution cameras and displays, high performance computing, PCs and Servers, Data Centers appliances and Optical networking components.

booth #15

Silicon Creations provides world class silicon IP for precision and general purpose timing (PLLs), SerDes and high-speed differential IOs. We have a deep commitment to our customer’s success and to providing complete support. Our careful development procedures and strong QA result in robust and correct designs. And in our labs we comprehensively test all key blocks. As a result our IP has an excellent record of first silicon to mass production in over 300 chips for over 140 customers. Our IP is used in diverse applications including mobile phones, consumer devices, processors, network devices and medical devices and in technologies from 180n to 10n and below, and has earned “best-of” awards from TSMC and SMIC. Silicon Creations was founded in 2006, is self-funded and is growing. We have development centers in Atlanta, USA and Krakow, Poland and world-wide sales representation.

booth #43

SimVisible provides SW for managing the test of all HW devices. SimVisible is used by leading ASIC & HW makers to ensure their systems reach the market at the highest quality, reducing recalls, in-field fixes and time to market. The company also provides customers with the expertise needed to develop a test suite that provides maximal coverage. The SimVisible SW suite is can be fully customized to easily connect with proprietary equipment, use your own interfaces and even create a custom GUI that fits your needs. We in SimVisible believe the test environment should work for the engineers, not the other way around.

booth #22

Sondrel is a fast growing UK headquartered and privately owned IC Design Services Consultancy. We operate from ISO27001 compliant design centers in 5 locations across Europe and Asia. We are continuously investing in our design capabilities and introducing new areas of consultancy as the semiconductor market itself evolves and changes. Achieving and sustaining growth requires the right balances in delivering career satisfaction for our staff and engineers, successful project outcomes for our customers and sustainable business performance for our investors. This balance is best articulated through the idea of partnerships. 

booth #8

SVCS Process Innovation, company established in 2000 and based in the Czech Republic, designs and manufactures batch horizontal furnaces for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. The furnaces for atmospheric, LPCVD and PECVD processes, are outstanding because of the quality of selected components, long term experience of our engineers, and competitive prices. The key features include high process uniformity, large production capacity, reduced maintenance and a state-of-the-art control system with a customized and an easy-to-use user interface. This proprietary control system can be used both for a new or refurbished equipment Other products include various UHP gas systems like source gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes, gas sticks and various equipment gas systems.

booth #24

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) is the Silicon to Software™ partner for innovative companies developing the electronic products and software applications we rely on every day. As the world's 15th largest software company, Synopsys has a long history of being a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA) and semiconductor IP and is also growing its leadership in software security and quality solutions. Whether you're a system-on-chip (SoC) designer creating advanced semiconductors, or a software developer writing applications that require the highest security and quality, Synopsys has the solutions needed to deliver innovative, high-quality, secure products. Learn more at www.synopsys.com.

booth #26+ #27

Welcome to TBS  Technologies, a leading representative of IPs, Design services, EDA and products to the Israeli VLSI and embedded markets. TBS prides itself with its customers relationships and with a top quality line of represented companies. 

booth #40

Truechip, the Verification IP specialist, is a leading provider of Design and Verification solutions – which help you, accelerate your design, lowering the cost and the risks associated with the development of your ASIC, FPGA, and SOC. Truechip is a privately held company, with a global footprint and sales coverage across North America, Europe, and Asia.

booth #31

TSMC is the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry’s leading process technology and the foundry segment’s largest portfolio of process-proven libraries, IPs, design tools and reference flows.
The Company’s owned capacity in 2017  is expected to reach above 11 million (12-inch equivalent) wafers, including capacity from three advanced 12-inch GIGAFAB® facilities, four eight-inch fabs, one six-inch fab, as well as TSMC’s wholly owned subsidiaries, WaferTech and TSMC China.
TSMC is the first foundry to provide both 20nm and 16nm production capabilities. Its corporate headquarters are in Hsinchu, Taiwan

booth #12

Dedicated to the Israeli territory, Ulisys task is to serve customers in vertical markets: Medical imaging, Telecommunication, Industrial Automation, Defense, etc. with full solutions including IP, tools and Design Services, The installed base in Israel is about 500 customers using Mentor Sofware and the potential users reach above 2000 companies. Ulisys represents Onespin Solutions GmbH, a German company providing Fomal verification software. For more info email to info@ulisys.co.il

booth #30

Veriest is an international design house providing advanced ASIC and FPGA design and verification services. Veriest's portfolio of clients includes the full range of globally established industry leaders, defense companies and startups developing high-end chip technology. Veriest was founded in 2007 and as 2014 is part of the Aman Group. Veriest is headquarted in Israel with a R&D site in Belgrade, Serbia. Its team of 100 engineers has made its mission to provide customers with superior quality solutions suited to the various phases of a product's life cycle, including architecture design, design implementation, system integration, advanced verification and embedded software. We are committed to respond to industry challenges, relying on our wide range of field-proven methodologies and industry know-how, devising the working model that ideally accommodates the customer's needs.

booth #32

vSync Circuits is an EDA and IP solutions company, providing integration and verification solutions for ASIC and FPGA design and verification groups. The company introduces a novel and unique technology for reliable multiple clock-domain design integration and verification, comprising of a tool-based approach, which bridges the design and verification worlds. vSync Circuits methodology is generic and is compatible with all different design flows.

booth #7

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