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Moderator:  Shuka Zernovizky, CEO, SemIsrael & semiconductor360


Shuka Zernovizky 


SemIsrael & semiconductor360

10:00 - 10:05

Welcome Notes

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Joe Sawicki

Executive VP

Siemens EDA IC

10:05 - 10:25

Digital Twin:  the Future Is Now

Virtually every discussion on business trends talks about digitalization—whether it's the digital thread, digital twin, the digital enterprise, or the digitalization of everything.  The goal is to harness the power of the exponential to integrate data in unprecedented ways to deliver new value and performance.  As a result, the next generation of SoCs will be driven by business workloads and energy efficiencies, where software performance will define semiconductor success. 

That is why a digital twin is becoming a necessity to virtually verify and validate the system performance of SoCs both pre-silicon and then throughout the lifecycle of the SoC.  Joe Sawicki, executive vice president for Siemens EDA, will explain how the digital twin is helping to drive Tera-scale IC and application systems.  First by accelerating design creation of custom accelerators.  Then, by supporting the shift-left in SoC verification, leading to true system validation from IP to software to systems.  And ultimately the digital twin enables a digitalization of the SoC environment both pre-silicon and throughout the lifecycle of the IC.



Joseph Sawicki is a leading expert in IC nanometer design and manufacturing challenges. Formerly responsible for Mentor's industry-leading design-to-silicon products, including the Calibre physical verification and DFM platform and Mentor's Tessent design-for-test product line, Sawicki now oversees all business units in the Siemens EDA IC segment.


Sawicki joined Mentor Graphics in 1990 and has held previous positions in applications engineering, sales, marketing, and management. He holds a BSEE from the University of Rochester, an MBA from Northeastern University's High Technology Program, and has completed the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Program.

Samir Patel

Chief Strategy Officer
Semiconductor Business

HCL Technologies

10:25 - 10:45

Global Opportunities in the New Renaissance

After meteoric rise of semiconductor industry in 80s and 90s and being relatively stagnant from 2000-2010, we have seen a renaissance in our industry for last decade or so. It has truly  become a global industry with most sophisticated manufacturing technologies and intricate design techniques. Its products were used mainly in a single computing appliance in high income families to all kinds of products for the entire humanity on earth. This has opened up many opportunities for enterprising folks but with new and different challenges in identifying and executing on the opportunities. This talk will explore the required context setting as well as some of the trends that can be used as a guide for each one of us to forge their unique paths to achieve success and take our industry to new heights in the near future.


Samir Patel is the Chief Strategy Officer, Semiconductor Business, HCL Technologies. Samir is also the CEO of Sankalp Semiconductor now a fully owned company of HCL Technologies, he has played a key role in setting up Sankalp’s global operations in North America and Europe. Samir has worked at  Rambus, Sun Microsystems, Catalyst Semiconductor and National Semiconductor. Samir Patel holds a B.Tech degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai and an MS degree from The University of California, Santa Barbara.

John Koeter

Sr. VP, Marketing and Strategy
Solutions Group


10:45 - 11:05

IP Powering Chip Designs – From Cars to the Cloud

From automotive to the cloud, high-performance systems are requiring new architectures to optimize data processing, networking, storage and reliability. Join this keynote to hear how this new era of SoCs are being built with a wide range of IP to address the design challenges and accelerate development of these systems.


John Koeter joined Synopsys in 1998 and is currently the senior vice
president of marketing and strategy for the Solutions Group. In that
capacity, he is responsible for the marketing of Synopsys DesignWare®
IP products.

Before coming to Synopsys, Mr. Koeter held marketing, engineering,
and corporate application engineering positions with Texas
Instruments and Advanced Micro Devices. Mr. Koeter holds a BSEE
degree from Cornell University.


Dov Moran

Managing Partner
Grove Ventures

11:05 - 11:25

2044: A glance to the Future

Semiconductor technologies are essential for the future of the world. Hardware will be the driving force and the enabler for major technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and advanced/wireless networks such as 5G/6G. In this session, Dov Moran, one of the most prominent high tech figures in the world, inventor of the USB Flash Drive and the Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, will discuss the future of the semiconductors industry and the domains in which Israeli companies and emerging startups can build their global leadership position. Moran will discuss how current market trends will determine the world’s future, where Israeli innovation should be focused, and what types of companies stand a chance to be tomorrow’s market leaders.


Dov Moran, Managing Partner of Grove Ventures, is one of the most prominent Israeli hi-tech leaders in the world.  He is an investor, inventor and entrepreneur, who is best known as the inventor of the USB flash drive. Moran founded M-Systems, acquired by SanDisk for $US 1.6 billion in 2006. He also served as the chairman of Tower Semiconductors, a developer and manufacturer of semiconductors and integrated circuits, in which he led a massive overhaul. Under Moran’s guidance, the company achieved a notable turnaround and became an enormous success. He was awarded with multiple prizes, including Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award, the prestigious Edward Rheine award, the Johnson Information Storage Systems Award and the Netexplo Talent of the Year award.

Moran holds Honorary Doctorates from Israel's Academic Center of Law & Science, the Moscow State Technical University and the Technion - the Israeli Institute of Technology. He lectures extensively in universities and schools, and serves as a mentor to many Israeli entrepreneurs - to which he assists in converting research and innovation into viable businesses. His book ‘100 Doors - An Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ was published in 2016 and included insights from his untraditional path.


Shuka Zernovizky


SemIsrael & semiconductor360

18:00 - 18:30 (End of Event)

Q&A Session

Moderated Q&A Session, with all four keynote speakers:

Joe Sawicki, Executive VP, Siemens EDA

Samir Patel, Chief Strategy Officer, Semiconductor Business, HCL Technologies

John Koeter, Sr. VP, Marketing and Strategy, Solutions Group, Synopsys

Dov Moran, Managing Partner, Grove Ventures