QR Codes

In MDI Expo 2020, all name badges (exhibitors and visitors) will include QR codes, that include all of the person registration information.

The purpose - easy lead collection.

We recommend using this functionality, and here's what you should do:

  1. Download the scan app (Lead Retrieval Badge Scanner, by ATIV Software), to your phone, free to use, and available for iOS and Android

  2. Open the app and remain on the home screen until you receive a prompt to Update Now. Hit Update Now (This is an important step, don't miss it!)

  3. Start using the app (scan, add comments, export)

  4. Please experiment with the below QR Codes (samples), to be ready for next week, make sure that scanning produces all fields, including phone number (if phone number is not acquired, please make sure that you perform step #2 properly)

  5. Make sure you can export the scanned information successfully

sample qr codes.png